Creativity is Not a Bad Word

Since when did having artistic or creative talent become something to whisper about, to hide away as a hobby or pretend you cannot use that skill for more than your own personal satisfaction?

As a teen when I told people I wrote books, they’d say…Well, that’s nice. But what are you going to do with your life?

Guess what? I wish I could find all those people and show them my bookshelf.


My daughter has always been interested in art. As a child, she talked about becoming an art teacher. Then she realized she hates school and couldn’t deal with it. She draws, paints, creates graphic art on Photoshop and dreams of going to art school. But she’s worried about people thinking she isn’t doing anything with her life besides training to live at home until she’s 30.

In shock, I looked at her. And my response was, “Since when did the world begin to look down on artists and creative types? In Renaissance times, painters, sculptors, poets, writers were all revered. People LOOKED UP to them because they could tap into a part of themselves not everybody could but everyone could ENJOY!”

Will my daughter have a tough road if she pursues art? Hell yeah. But so would a doctor, lawyer and professional wrestler.

Thousands of people are in creative industries. Otherwise, how would Etsy survive, am I right? If we were all afraid to try, we wouldn’t have handmade soaps or knitted scarves. No art would hang on our walls. And we wouldn’t have books to read.

Thanks for reading and please support creativity in all forms!



Em Petrova


One thought on “Creativity is Not a Bad Word

  1. Jenn says:

    I went to an Art School and Majored in Travel and Hospitality. I met my husband there who got his degree in Industrial Design, after going to a Vocational High School for Carpentry. We would have nothing without the Arts. I think of Architecture, Design, Fashion, Engineering, Restoration, Culinary, Writing, Music, Acting, Dancing, and so many more. I hope your daughter does whatever is in her heart, that way she will live a fuller and happier adulthood;)


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