Everybody is binging TV series these days, but remember when we actually had to wait for the week to roll around so we could watch our favorite shows?

Binging a TV series isn’t much different than binging a book series. Many of us find an author we enjoy and then dig in, devouring every written word we can get our greedy little hands on!

I’m a long-time binger. In fact, I could consider myself in need of BA (Bingers Anonymous) since the tender age of 9 when I went crazy reading every single Judy Blume book on the market. Every buck of my allowance went to the Scholastic Book Magazine at school or the book fairs, where I’d buy in bulk. After the Blume consumption, I switched to the Sweet Valley High books (I think when I stopped reading, there were 56 of them), and that’s when I turned to my old dark friend Stephen King. My grandma was an avid King fan, and she gave fed me his novels like ice cream treats (she fed me those too).

I have to admit that I’m just as picky now with books and TV as ever. It takes me a while to discover a talent that speaks to me on a deeper level that I crave from authors or television writers. But when I get on that wagon, I go whole hog!

Here’s a list of my latest TV binges. Tell me if you share any!


Sense 8 (too sad it ended)

Sons of Anarchy

Breaking Bad

Downton Abbey


and most recently Animal Kingdom


Since I write characters that have multiple sides and a whole lot of depth, I love to read and watch characters who inspire me. And I love to root for an underdog!

I’d love to hear your favorite shows or book series to binge! Comment below!


Em Petrova

2 thoughts on “Binge-Watching

  1. Jenn says:

    I also love/bing on SOA (can’t even count how many times I’ve watched the series on Netflix)
    Big Bang reruns for my comedy

    -Em Petrova 😉
    -Nicole Edwards
    -Olivia Cunning
    -Lauren Dane
    -Kristen Proby
    -Carrie Ann Ryan
    -Nicolas Sparks
    -Dan Brown


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