Spring Updates


Your surroundings are not just important–they’re ESSENTIAL to your mindset. Ever wonder why writers flee to amazing cities to get their creative juices flowing? Or musicians go onto the streets to feel the heartbeat of the universe?

With the DIY craze, everyone is slapping on a new coat of paint or adding hardwood floors. And those are great things, but sometimes it just isn’t in our budgets. Now, I am the queen of low-budget DIY, but this spring I’m focusing more on the little things that feed my soul.

Like twinkle lights.




Remember how nice it was to wake up in the summer to the sun shining on your face? Well, move the junk out from in front of your window and push those heavy (maybe dated) curtains back and let the light stream in!

Add a string of twinkle lights to your shelf or patio outdoors. Make a trip to the dollar store and grab a bunch of candles and light them all at once.

For me, I plan to move my fire pit closer to the house so the kids and I can enjoy the warmth and light–and a few s’mores!

What light will you add to your life? I’d love to hear your stories! Leave a comment and share!


Em Petrova

One thought on “Spring Updates

  1. girlfromwva says:

    i took my solar lights i already had, some thrift store globes, some small chain & made some hanging solar lights. i also used some old curtain rods, put solar light in end of rod & stuck other end in ground. puts lights a bit higher than just in at ground level.


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