Heating It Up


I’m gearing up for Sean’s story, and it’s such a fun ride! The final copy is uploaded to Amazon, advanced reader copies (ARCs) are out and I’m set to roll on May 8th.

When writing about Sean, I wanted everyone to see more than the powerful muscles riding just under that tanned, tattooed skin. Because this guy’s got the brains to back him, and that is SOOO sexy!

Some stats about Sean Knight:


* 6’2″

* second in command of Knight Ops team

*also second brother in the Knight family with a special talent for grilling and tormenting his younger sisters

* great at catfishin’, could do it professionally

* weapon of choice–zip-ties (wink)

* can rock a suit like a sexy badass

* jogs for fitness, stress relief and likes to compete

*happy to hang with his lady at home and wile away the time in bed…



Thanks for reading!


Em Petrova


One thought on “Heating It Up

  1. Jenn says:

    I absolutely love your writing and this new Knights Ops series is so much sexy fun. I first fell in love with the Dalton Boys, then I couldn’t put down anything related to those sexy Boot Knockers, while I’ve also read anything you’ve written I could get my hands on, these Knight brothers are so original and unique I am extremely excited to see where these boys continue to take us. Thank you so very much Ms. Em Petrova


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