3 Things You Don’t Know About Ben Knight

For those of you who read ALL KNIGHTER, you probably think you know it all, right down to the…ahem…largest details. But today I’m sharing 3 things you don’t know about Ben.

1. His favorite book is Grapes of Wrath–he read it before going to Boot Camp and feels it was a turning point in his life. He identified with the idea of the characters in Steinbeck’s novel as embarking on a new life, just as he was by leaving his family in search of a career with the Marines and later the Knight Ops team.

Yes, Ben is deep, ladies.

2. As much as Ben loves to golf–or complain that he doesn’t have time now that he’s running a special ops team–he is a terrible putter. He’s even been known to hurl his putter into a pond or two, much to his brothers’ amusement.

Worst date ever for Ben: Mini-golf.

3. One of Ben’s buddies in the Marines asked him to go in on partners on a craft beer business, but he couldn’t tell the difference in subtle flavors and cat piss, so he backed out and to this day drinks Dos Equis.


Hope you’ve enjoyed a deeper look into Ben Knight’s life!

Happy reading and stay sexy.


Em Petrova


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