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Listen and Weep

Readers come in all shapes and sizes.

Some readers, like me, only listen in audio because physically reading feels like work to me.

A few readers actually still love the feel of turning pages.

And bunches of us have jumped into the world of digital bookshelves.

Samhain Publishing is putting my Boot Knockers Ranch series into audio books, and they sound soooo good! I encourage you to listen to a sample even if you’re not a huge audio book person!

Since I was so excited to hear my books narrated, I set about finding a narrator for some of my indie cowboys–the Dalton Boys. Some of you might remember Hank, Cash, Witt, Beck and Kade.



The process for me was a lot of trial and error. The division that runs Audible, ACX, invites you to place your manuscript up for an audition. Meaning a narrator can come by, check out your work, read it if they like it, and bam! You’ve struck a deal to split royalties!


No such luck in my case. It might be because, like my men (I want a hot tattooed biker professor who loves horses), I’m picky. Here were my demands:


country drawl

can do multiple voices, male and female

doesn’t mind reading hot sex

doesn’t mind cussing


Believe it or not, nobody jumped at the chance to read COWBOY CRAZY for me!


Image result for free clip art

So I had to find a reader who I could actually afford. Narration is time-consuming and difficult work, and they deserve every single penny! These readers depend on their voices, so if they have a cold, guess what? They can’t work. So what they charge is spot-on for their profession. Still, I’ve got kids to feed, so I had to be thoughtful about what I was willing to spend on this endeavor.

After some trial and error, I was lucky enough to land a great reader for my Dalton Boys. Now I’m happy to bring them to all the audiobook lovers AND give some away too!

ENTER HERE to win a download of COWBOY CRAZY!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


And check out my other audiobooks on my website! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Thanks for stopping by!

Em Petrova



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