It’s My Party and I’mma Cry



It’s my birthday and I’ll have a green phallis-shaped bunch of balloons if I want to!


Today I’m 42 years old, folks. And actually, I’m NOT gonna cry about it.


I’ve got some saggy skin and a crease or two but overall, I’m saying 42 is the new black/25/best year of my life. I’m going to embrace the good with the bad and find happiness in each moment. I’m going to take my kiddos for a matinee viewing of my favorite ever Alice in Wonderland. We’re going to gorge on popcorn and overpriced candy. Then stop for more sugary Fro-Yo on the way home. To me, it sounds like the best plan ever.


Who wants a balloon?

Em Petrova



2 comments on “It’s My Party and I’mma Cry

  1. Enjoy..you deserve it

  2. enjoy your day! you are SO beautiful!!!

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