The Container is Mostly Empty


When you have no time to food shop, you end up running into expensive corner markets where only visitors to the nearby state park shop. You buy a $4 pack of cookies that you could make for $2.50 and put them on your counter.


Then your four kids come in from school, drop their backpacks and open the package. A minute later this is what’s left of the dozen cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles.


The empty box shouldn’t surprise me. I know how they can eat. But it started me thinking about how much of ourselves are devoured just like this box of cookies. How do we refill it? Do we buy more expensive junk or take the time to make our own batches? What would you do?


Think hard and tell me your take.

Em Petrova



2 comments on “The Container is Mostly Empty

  1. Great. Thought. I generally try to refill myself but sometimes I just don’t have the energy and go for the expensive Choice

  2. When you figure out the secret to self refills. .let me know! 😉

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