Signs You Might Fall for a Firefighter

Fireman_EmP_1024x768 (2)


5 signs you might fall for a firefighter:

  1. You like to turn up the heat–the hotter the better, baby!
  2. Stop, drop and roll sounds like a move for the bedroom.
  3. You don’t mind placing soothing kisses on sore muscles.
  4. Massaging your man’s stress away sounds like the perfect end to a long day.
  5. Playing with hoses is your thing.




Jagger, Gabriel and Joey, and Corey


New Recruit

Under Control

Vital Signs


What do you love about firemen? I’d love to hear from you! One lucky commenter will receive an ebook of your choice from my backlist!


Em Petrova




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6 comments on “Signs You Might Fall for a Firefighter

  1. inner strength that matches the physical and their strong bonds of brotherhood

  2. Oh these all sound soooo good and who doesnt love a fire fighter 🙂 – Tonya

  3. Their bravery and the closeness with their fellow comrades.

  4. I am amazed of their courage and selflessness to go in when everybody runs out and put their life on the line for others.

  5. Their compassion and care when responding to medical calls. I personally witnessed them caring for an elderly lady who was ill and afraid and was amazed by how gentle and tender they were while still getting the done. Real men.

  6. They work hard and play harder. Only time I’ve ever cried uncle when out partying was when I was with firefighters!

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