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Today I’m dying to share my inspiration pics of my characters in BODY LANGUAGE, available TODAY from Samhain.


When I started writing an auburn-haired man, one hottie popped into my head. I’ve loved this actor since I first laid eyes on him in Band of Brothers.



Yes, his name is Damian too–Damian Lewis. He fits perfectly into my mind as Damian the Boot Knocker.

While I was writing, this image loomed in my mind:


damian body language




She ran her tongue over her lower lip, and he grunted. “Hold that look.” He rolled off the bed and strutted in the buff to the other side of the room. It was impossible not to stare at his carved backside.


“What do you do to get those muscles?” she blurted.


He snorted a laugh and held his camera up, tweaking some settings. He threw a look at the window. “Perfect lighting. Don’t move, doll.”


Suddenly she realized what he was about to do. She jackknifed into a sitting position, covering as much bare flesh as possible with her arms. As an afterthought she grabbed for the sheet.


Damian circled the bed and pinched the 800-thread count. “Let me shoot you lying as you were. That bead of light on your lips and the crests of your breasts…” His voice grew hoarse, and she snapped her gaze to his.








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Thanks for stopping by and letting me share Damian with you!





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