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Sex Kitty– Excerpt-palooza

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When she stepped out of her sandals and simple cotton panties, awareness struck.

Damian planned to photograph her—wearing these clothes. And later maybe wearing nothing but his beard rash all over her skin.

Oh God. White-hot need clutched her. She rushed into the clothing, eager to get to the next stage of this insane game.

When Holly cracked the door and peered around it, her eyes grew round. “Wow. Girl, you are…” She pinched thumb and fingers together and kissed them. “Damian’s going to be one very happy cowboy.”

Ruthie smoothed her hands over her waist, which felt impossibly small in the silk camisole.

“I’d love to play with you, sex kitty,” she said, low and insinuatingly. “But Damian first. Now, if you wish to play during your stay, I’m always open.”

Ruthie’s nipples pinched at the attention she’d drawn—and from a woman. That explained her blush when she’d called Siri a goddess.

Holly moved behind her and fiddled with her attire.

Siri appeared, and they both stood back to admire Ruthie.

“The hair’s perfect,” Holly said.

Siri nodded. “You did a fabulous job on her wardrobe, as always.” The women turned to each other and high-fived.

Ruthie looked between them, more self-conscious than ever. “Uhh…can I see myself?”

“Oh yes. And your cowboy has been here for the last half an hour, pacing like a caged panther.” Holly grinned as though she knew a secret.

At the idea of Damian pacing like a wild beast, Ruthie’s breath came faster. So this was part of the seduction—from his gritty voice to his requests for her makeover, he was in charge.

And she loved it.

I’m ready to be your sex kitty.

Holly led her back into the room where Siri had primped her into someone unrecognizable. Ruthie stared straight ahead at the full-length mirror. It took her five heartbeats to realize she was staring at herself.

She snapped her hands up to her hair, fingering the thick caramel highlights that framed her jaw. A few smaller streaks were interspersed through her dark locks. In the past she’d never considered highlights, always associating them with soccer moms. But this…she looked like she’d just stepped off the pages of a celebrity magazine.

“I love it. It’s so trendy. Not at all what I’d ever choose for myself.” Her eyes glittered as she surveyed skin that glowed as though she’d just received a massage on an exotic island. And her lips were the perfect pink.

Like I’ve just been kissed for hours.

The hair on her forearms stood up.

In the thin camisole, she felt gorgeous. She ran her hands down to the flare of her hips, which she’d always been self-conscious about. But they looked perfect in the high-cut panties. She was still Ruthie, but seen through different eyes—maybe Damian’s eyes.

She turned around and peeked over her shoulder at her reflection. In the black stockings, her legs looked a mile long. And the tiny bows that teased the backs of her thighs were playful as hell.

“Sex kitty,” she whispered.

Siri nodded reverently.

Face alive with excitement, Holly clutched Ruthie’s hands and dragged her toward the door. Siri hurried ahead and flung the door open.







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Ruthie sucked in a breath. Damian stood there, eyes burning.


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  1. I can’t wait to read this!!

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