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EXCERPT-PALOOZA Caroline gets a taste of Utah

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She linked their fingers and hauled him right onto the dance floor. Utah froze like a fox caught in the beam of a farmer’s flashlight. Music jarred his eardrums. Caroline’s face was alive in a way he’d never seen.

It scared the hell out of him.

She started to sway. The tapping of her heels was lost in the noise, and her mouth moved, but he couldn’t hear her.

Leaning close, he clamped a proprietary hand on her hip. “What?”

“Move! Pretend it’s the senior prom.”

“Oh Christ.” He scrubbed a hand over his face and tentatively shuffled his feet. Slow dancing he could do. This fast gyration was beyond a man like him.

She crushed her body against his, throwing her arms around his neck. Her silken heat made him think of steamier nights. He lashed her to him and began to move.

Their slow grinding motions ratcheted up his desire. His cock thrust against his jeans painfully. For long minutes, he lost himself in her eyes and in the feel of moving with her.

She cupped his head and dragged him down to her mouth. The flicker of her tongue against his drew a long groan from him. She angled her head and kissed him deeply.

Passion ruled. The music echoed in his ears, but somehow he only heard his tripping pulse and Caroline’s rough breathing.

The song ended, and she tore herself from his embrace. He grasped at the air. She tossed him a dark, hooded look and vanished into the crowd.

He shoved through bodies. Primped, overly made-up women gathered around him, but he only had eyes for his tempting little country girl.

When he caught up to her, she was at the bar ordering drinks. She picked up two shot glasses and handed one to Utah. He wrapped his fingers around hers and held her gaze. Her cheeks were pink, and a dew of perspiration glinted on her throat and the swells of her breasts.

As she raised the glass to her lips, she never removed her stare from his. He watched her toss down the drink like a pro.

It had been a mighty long time since he’d drunk anything but beer. The strong smell of whiskey burned his nostrils. He knocked back the drink, and it blazed a path to his gut. Seconds later, it spread through his limbs, making him feel languid and hornier than hell.

He reached for her, but she slipped away. He found himself trailing her to the dance floor once again. For three fast songs, he mentally stripped her and licked every inch of her skin. By the time she leaned into him for a slow song, he was aching.

Unwilling to let her get more than a hair’s width away from him, he locked her in his embrace. Dipping his head, he captured her mouth.

But she controlled the kiss. Wildfire sizzled through his system as she thrust her tongue into his mouth. He chased it with his, but she evaded him. When she reached between their bodies and latched on to his erection, he jerked in shock.

Yanking back, he stared into her eyes, hazy with passion. “Not here.”

“Yes, here. Follow me.” She walked off.

For a split second, he stared at the extra-slippery sway of her ass. Had she put panties on under that dress?

Fuck, he was about to find out. His cock swelled another fraction, and he dove through the crowd again. Pushing people aside as if he were treading water, he caught up with Caroline by the restrooms.

God, did she expect him to take her in a dirty bar restroom? He’d drag her out and fuck her on the street first.

She vanished into the men’s room.

His heart convulsed, and he lunged through the door. Luckily the space was empty. Utah faced her, unsure of what to say.

Holding his gaze, she tugged her neckline low enough to expose her bra. Then she reached into the cups and pulled each breast free so they rode high on the fabric. His balls throbbed in time to his heartbeat at the sight of her light pink nipples, as hard as gems.

He groaned.

“Unbutton your jeans, cowboy.” Her voice even sounded different to him. His breath came faster.

She strummed her nipples with her fingers, and he couldn’t stand it another minute. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans so his cock sprang free.

“Ooohh.” She flicked her tongue over her lower lip, making his cock head weep. “Lean against the door so no one comes in.”

“Oh fuck.” He did, and she dropped to her knees before him. His last thought was how dangerous the depths of her blue eyes were. He threw his head back as she sucked his cock in to the root.

The head nudged the back of her throat, and they both groaned. Her scorching mouth wrapped all around him. Pressure mounted. When she ran her tongue around the mushroomed head, he about lost it.

Fisting his hands in her hair, he watched her ripe lips slide up and down his shaft. She pulled back and let pre-come string between his body and her tongue.

“Fucking hell.” His eyes rolled up in his head. She drove her lips right to his cushion of pubic hair. Wild need gripped him.

Someone thumped the door behind him, jarring his head that rested against it.



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One comment on “EXCERPT-PALOOZA Caroline gets a taste of Utah

  1. love that last sentence of the excerpt!!!

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