COWBOY WEEK — Essential Cowboy Items

THE TRUCK–for rattling around the ranch and haulin’ stuff. Equipped with a dashboard for a lady to put her bare toes on. And a nice bed where you can sit and gaze at the stars.



THE BOOTS–Mmmm-mmm. Yes, we want to see you strut! (These are from Country Outfitter)







THE ROPE–for umm, you know. Tying shit up.



THE RUGGED BEARD–keeps a cowboy warm against those cold mornings when snow’s on the mountain and he has to go find a lost calf. Also, nice against the insides of your thighs. *wink*

5 oclock


MUSCLE–required for wrangling animals and truck hitches and picking up women and tossing them over their broad shoulders




BODY LANGUAGE is up for pre-order and it’s all about a man who’s very good with ropes!

BodyLanguage72lg (2)


Thanks for stopping by COWBOY WEEK! Comment for a chance at the $20 GC for Amazon or BN!







12 comments on “COWBOY WEEK — Essential Cowboy Items

  1. Don’t forget the leather work gloves to protect the hard-earned callouses on their hands! I can say from experience, the gloves actually create cool callouses, all that leather rubbing on their palms and between their fingers…Keeps them from getting cut and blisters and stuff, but roughens them up nonetheless. 🙂

  2. I want myyyyy own cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can’t wait to get my copy. In the meantime, don’t you want to give us a teaser, a little sneak peek? 😉
    Love cowboys & I love your books.

  4. Love me some cowboys!! 🙂

  5. Thank goodness for cowboy week. But I think its like that all the time where I live. Yup. Texas. They’re everywhere and I can’t get enough of words like m’am and darlin’. Especially when said with a drawl.

  6. cowboy week is awesome!!! (way better than shark week!)

  7. Love all of this! =) Can´t resist any of it *rawr*
    Happy Saturday!

  8. Like the boots.

  9. Definitely need to have all of the above if not your not my cowboy.

  10. Wouldn’t mind that last guy & the truck we can hang out in the back of & watch the “stars” 😉

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

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