COWBOY WEEK — Cowboy Monday

I’m going to try something new on Mondays. Who doesn’t want to start the work week off with a little yeeehawwww?




Let’s talk about this cowboy’s ummmm…boots.


Where did the cowboy boot come from? We’d like to believe the cowboy boots originated with the American cowboy, but the fact is, cowboy boots didn’t come from the US. They didn’t have anything to do with guitars and western skies or Texas.


Actually, the cowboy boot comes from…


THE HUNS. As in Atilla the Hun. History points to the Huns as being the first horsemen to use stirrups, and thus the pointy toes and heels of their boots were constructed to work better with stirrups.


I mean, can you believe this crap? Cowboy boots in the steppes of central Asia? Well, no matter where they originated, we still love them, and the men who wear them. Right, ladies?


Thanks for reading, and check in next Monday for more Yeehaw!

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Thanks for reading!



16 comments on “COWBOY WEEK — Cowboy Monday

  1. Very Interesting. It’s funny how some things you wonder about actually came to be. I love me some cowboys and cowboy boots!!!!!!

  2. Who said you don’t learn anything from fb?

  3. I had trouble seeing the boot for the cowboy. As to the facts – live and learn.


  4. Learned something new. I never thought cowboy boots came from another country.

  5. That is insane, all I can think of are the Huns running around in a pair of shit kickers…

  6. loving COWBOY Monday!!! thanks for the facts, too. loving the picture!

  7. Love those ….. boots! No matter where they came from! 🙂

  8. ❤ the history lesson on boots 😉

  9. Love the picture. I knew they came from there but as you say who cares…. A nice pair of boots on a man is sweeeeet!!!!! Top that with a nice belt and a hat as I said sweeeet!!!!!!! Thank you Em. Can I have the guy in the picture……PLEASE!!!!!! Have a great week!!!!

  10. Love the cowboy:) thanks for the eye candy and facts to start my week.

  11. Very interesting! Who says you can’t learn something new every day?

  12. Interesting info

  13. The Huns? I´d never guess that.. =) wait til I tell my boot wearing hubby LOL
    Happy Saturday!

  14. Very shocking that cowboy boots didn’t originate from USA.

  15. All I could concentrate on was that boot & wishing it was moved a little bit lower 😉 LOL! Thanks for sharing the pic & the info about the boot. =)

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

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