EDIT ME — Writing Sex Scenes

A few years ago, I co-authored a how-to manual focusing on writing sex scenes even when you’re not feeling sexy. Here’s a glimpse of Writing Sex When You Don’t Feel Sexy.

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Using Hearing and Sounds to Stimulate



In my introduction I mentioned that we are going to explore sexy possibilities in the world around us. Now we’ll talk about your sense of hearing and how that affects your writing. As writers we’ve all pulled the old “I need an hour of quiet or I can’t put down a single word!” I’m going to teach you how you can write hot, passionate love scenes even when your dog is barking, your husband is blasting the baseball game and your kids are playing video games at top volume.

Close your eyes for a minute and focus only on your sense of hearing. Here in my house I hear a crayon box rattling, someone humming, the desk fan whirring, a cough, the shuffle of papers…

So how did those sounds get me in the mood to write a sex scene? You might be giving me the raised eyebrow right now, but let me show you how I can still remain focused on my sex scenes even while listening to kids bitch and fight.

The hum of the fan helped me zero in on my goal. It transported me to a bedroom in the tropics where a ceiling fan is lazily rippling the air while a couple makes love on the plush king-sized bed below, silk pillows cradling their heads and the moisture of their passion sealing their nude forms together…

*clears throat* Oh! Where were we? Now you’ve seen how I use my sense of hearing and twist it into something hotter than just lil ole me sitting at my desk on a ninety degree day in front of my laptop. I was transported by a sound.

Let’s see how the sounds flow into my writing.

What did I hear? A crayon box, a hum, the desk fan, a cough and a shuffle of papers.

Okay, so I can’t use the crayon box in a story but all the other sounds can easily filter into a sex scene. I’m serious! Imagine a curvaceous heroine strolling through the office corridor, humming softly to herself. How does that sound affect the sexy businessman whose door she passes? Does he look up and see the mesmerizing sway of her hips as her throaty tune makes him imagine her crushed against the wall and speared on his cock?

The cooling air circulated by the desk fan could be a light breeze from a bedroom window rushing across entwined bodies as an immortal bonds with the woman he’s waited centuries for. A rough cough from the street-savvy cop in the tight jeans could rip through a waitress’s senses and urge her to pour him more coffee, maybe striking up a conversation in the process. The doctor who shuffles the paperwork in a patient’s file might draw the heroine’s eyes to his big, competent hands, making her forget her illness and ready her for release (pun intended).

Wait a minute! What just happened here? I turned an ordinary minute of my time into several smoldering moments between characters. And in the process, I’m not the annoyed woman whose writing is interrupted. I’m not blocked. Not remotely. In fact, I’m revving up to dig into my new work-in-progress and “bang” out that sex scene between the hunky logger and the boss who drives him crazy with need.

And did you realize that you as a reader were pulled into the story simply by “hearing” what my characters heard? This is one of the easiest ways to use deep POV (point of view). Utilizing the characters’ senses makes those flat darlings 3D and they pop off the page!


Thanks for reading!



2 comments on “EDIT ME — Writing Sex Scenes

  1. I love writing different senses. It’s a fun exercise when I’m stuck on a scene. I’ll just forget about the action for a minute, (because that’s usually what’s getting me stuck) and just write what the characters hear, smell, taste, etc. Great post! Thanks.

  2. love this post!

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