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ASK EM — ebook or print?

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As writers we’re told to read. Fill our brains with greatness and we’ll be inspired to write greatness as well.


One problem: when you work with words day and night on a screen, reading feels like work too. I sometimes go 6 months without reading. Why? Not because I don’t love to read. No, I adore getting lost in a new world. But while reading, my editor’s brain never shuts off. Which means I’m editing instead of enjoying a new book.


I’ve missed reading, and I started to ponder the awesome works I’ve read in the past–books that have inspired me to want to be a writer–to be better. All of those books are still on my shelves. Get this:


Real paper and ink books.


I plucked an old favorite off the shelf and sank instantly into a world I adored. I wasn’t editing comma placements or word choices–just falling in love with characters again. 400some pages later, I’m still reading and loving and wanting more.

I thought I’d share my new passion for old books because I’m sure some of you are in a similar situation. Go back to your bookshelves and libraries and bookstores. There are some things the digital age can’t really compensate for, and for me, this is one of them.


Happy reading!


One comment on “ASK EM — ebook or print?

  1. I really still prefer books in print! maybe just because that is what i grew up loving.

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