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EDIT ME — breathe vs. breath

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This is a pet peeve of mine, and an error I’ve even seen in paperback books from New York print publishers.

Is it breathe or breath?


Breath rhymes with DEATH. If you don’t take a breath, death will surely follow.

example: John took a breath of Sidney’s sweet-smelling soap.

Breath is a noun. It is air that is inhaled or exhaled. It doesn’t sound more French if there’s an E on the end, because that’s a totally different word. (see below)


BREATHE has an E on the end. It is still not French, so stop trying to sound cooler.

Breathe is a verb. It means to move air in and out of your lungs, to send something through your nose and mouth or take something into your nose or mouth. It also has to do with wine, but I drank so much I forgot what that was.

Breathe can also mean to rejuvenate –He breathed new life into her.

Or to threaten–She breathed down my neck.


If you’re going to add -ing to this word, you must drop the E and you’ll have BREATHING.


Hope that clears things up a little! Thanks for reading,



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