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ASK EM — Choosing a publisher

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Question: How do I choose a publisher for my book?




Selecting a publisher is like choosing a pediatrician for your baby. You want someone reputable and experienced–someplace where other moms take their kids. Just like with a doctor, you want to consider your needs.


There are some questions to ask yourself:

What do I want from a publisher?

Do I like their cover art?

Will I have marketing support?

Is the editing staff newly hired or do they have experience?

Are other authors happy there?

What is the pay rate/schedule?


Every author has priorities. Do I need marketing support? Not really, but it’s nice to have someone Tweeting on my behalf. However, I want an editor who will push me to produce my best work. If I know more than the person I’m working with, I am not a happy baby.


Check out the publisher from all angles.


social media

ask authors


If any of these things throw up red flags, it’s time to look harder. Do an online search. If their name comes up with a lawsuit or a forum of unhappy authors, steer clear!


Okay, so the publisher has beautiful covers, solid editing, they Tweet a little, and their authors are paid on time and a fair rate. There’s something else to consider.

Does your book really fit with what’s selling there?


The publisher says they accept all genres and heats of romance. But if their top sellers are dark erotic romance and you have a a sweet historical, will your book get as much notice? The readers who visit that publisher might not be YOUR reader. Sometimes it’s okay to proceed and work harder to get your book notice. And miracles do happen–people write 1 book and it sells like crazy.


Again, think about what is right for YOU and YOUR BOOK.


Good luck, and thanks for reading!






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