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EDIT ME — Titles

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Let’s face it–coming up with a title sucks a big one. There are two ways authors do this. Wait for it…wait for it…


1. before they write the book

2. after they write the book


*face melts*


No, really. I can’t even start a book without a title. I get all locked up and can’t write a sentence, just as I can’t write without my thug hat. Other authors must work through the whole plot and brainstorm the title at the end. Of course, you could have an epiphany along the way.


Titles matter. They persuade editors and readers to pick up your book. They’re also like lipstick on the pretty new outfit that is your book cover.


How to brainstorm a title:


think of keywords — the essence of your story. Cowboy, ties, pushin’ buttons, burn, lust. All of these words have made appearances in my titles.

think of the heart of your story — does the heroine turn her rainy day into a blessing? Your hero saves the day?

think of movie titles and how you’d plug your book into one

think of one word title that encompasses your story

choose your favorite lines from your story and shrink them into titles

title2 title3 title4 title1


After you’ve chosen a few, walk away from them. Do not put it on a cover and immediately upload to Amazon! You wouldn’t pick a name for your baby and not consider it for a few days, right? Or run it past a few trusted friends? Hell, have a contest for your readers to choose their favorite title!


I hope to see some amazing titles with my helpful hints. *wink*

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One comment on “EDIT ME — Titles

  1. I’m sort of both. Sometimes I have a title, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I just call the story the FMC’s name until I can re-title it. My original novel was called The Three Brothers, but since it’s romance I changed it not wanting to give people the wrong idea. 🙂

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