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A peek at PUSHIN’ BUTTONS coming June 10!


“Nah, we all know Archer wears briefs. It’s Hugh who goes commando.” Jack’s simple statement hooked Riggs square in the gut.

The first time Hugh had joined Riggs on a threesome, Riggs had nearly come when Hugh had slid his zipper down to reveal a trim patch of brown hair and his half-hard cock. No fabric barrier—just Hugh.

Behind Riggs, the door banged open, and footsteps sounded on the tile floor. “Speak of the devil,” Jack said.

Every hair on Riggs’s body stood on end.

“Mornin’, boys.” Hugh’s gruff tone didn’t invite response.

Riggs stared at his friend’s back as he poured himself a mug of coffee. Hugh held himself stiffly. Maybe all wasn’t paradise in Bungalow 9 after all.

When Hugh took a seat, it was at the far end of the table. He didn’t care that he looked surly to the others. It was one of the things Riggs loved about him—Hugh was his own man.

While Riggs was known on the ranch to never back away from a challenge or fight, he had no desire to let others get a glimpse of his inner turmoil.




17 comments on “Sexapalooza Poll

  1. Actually, I prefer boxer briefs, but since they weren’t listed, I’ll have to go with BARE!!

  2. Great excerpt!! This is a hard decision. I like commando, and also boxer briefs. If I’m reading about it, definitely commando!
    I will have to check out this book. That was HOT!

  3. Oh geez, um, hmmm, I dunno… Ha! yes, I do, BARE!

  4. There is a certain charm to a man who dares to be bare.

  5. Well, I could say all of the above! LOL! But I’ll say bare.

  6. Bare of course ….poor riggs

  7. Gonna have to go with bare. So sexy when you unzip a pair of jeans and don’t find anything but bare skin!

  8. Hard to choose. But with these 3 pics I’ll have to go with bare.

  9. Bare– second choice boxer briefs!

  10. love the boxer briefs!!!

  11. Boxer briefs 🙂

  12. Bare!!!!!! Yum.

  13. Bare is my choice….and if they do have to wear something Boxer briefs……

  14. Bare in the summer, boxer briefs in the winter. Don’t want important stuff falling off!

  15. Big congrats to Michelle Vasquez, winner of the $5 GC! Thank you all for commenting!

  16. I like bare for looks, and dri-weave boxer briefs for feel. They’re so silky it makes rubbing all over the junk twice as fun.

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