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Sexapalooza — Spanking

Wednesdays are now sex days! Tips, fetishes, insane obsessions, and all things dirty. Welcome and settle in for today’s topic–spanking!


Here are some tips to get those cheeks warmed by your partner!

1. Smack him on the ass and tell him you’ve been a bad girl and need a good spanking.

2. Ask for a nude massage, and when he reaches your buttocks, moan appropriately then ask for a light slap there.

3. Collect some toys–silk scarf, wooden spoon, feather, a copy of Em Petrova’s HARD RIDIN’, and have him use them to spank you. Try to guess each one.

4. Ask him to put on his gloves. Leather gloves (shiver), work gloves (melts)–both work great on a bare cheek!

5. Get out the marker. Write on your panties–or even your bare butt. A short note that’s to the point will rev him up. Try: Spank Me. Or draw a handprint.


Read on for a hot spanking excerpt from LIP LOCK, now available in print!


He dropped the bag and unzipped it. Reaching inside and holding her gaze, he withdrew the hairbrush.

She shuddered. “What are you doing with that?”

“Strip and you’ll see.”


“Hayley, I promised to warm your ass for escaping me again. I plan to follow through.” He tapped his broad palm once with the hairbrush.

In one quick motion, she pulled her dress overhead, leaving only her slip.

“That too.” His eyes darkened to a shade of midnight.

Gripping the hem, she slid the fabric up and off, tossing it to the floor. Shaking, she locked her knees.

“Those too.” He pointed with the brush at her hips, where her baby pink panties covered her wet flesh.

“O…kay.” She hooked her thumbs in the sides and shoved them down. They puddled at her feet, and she stepped out of them.

Then with a suddenness that stole her breath, he picked her up and shoved her onto her hands and knees on the bed.

She struggled to gain her equilibrium as she detected the rustle of clothes. He blanketed her with his big body, scorching skin to skin. His springy chest hair tickled her back, infusing such longing, she moaned.

“Tell me what you want, Hayley.”

“I don’t know if I c—“

He cut her off. “Do you want this?” He rubbed the soft bristles over her ass cheek. Electricity shot through her.

“Y-yes.” Her voice was disjointed, someone else’s.

“And this?” He smacked her lightly with the bristles. Each stiff hair seemed to dig into her heart and reach an unseen realm. Love blossomed for him.

An intake of air. “Yes.”

“What about this?” He smacked her harder now with the wooden back of the brush. The crack reverberated throughout the space.

Stunned yet reeling, she wantonly thrust her ass up for more.

“Oh fuck, yeah.” He cracked her again, square on her cheek. As she cried out, he delivered five more, rapid-fire. Gasping, she opened her mouth to beg for another swat when he struck her lower, close to her pussy. The edge of that blow seemed to swell, spreading downward to encompass her already aching sex.

His strikes eased, growing gentler and closer to her snatch. Her focus sharpened, and it seemed she lived her whole life to be on the receiving end of that hairbrush.

One final tap delivered over her swollen labia and she was sobbing for more.

More that he didn’t give. Instead, she felt the smooth wood handle slide into her pussy. Crying out, she pushed backward, taking it to the bristles, which skimmed her needy clit.


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One comment on “Sexapalooza — Spanking

  1. Holy crap…My copy is sitting on my mom’s kitchen table as I type. I believe I’ll be making a special trip into town and sitting through listening to her comparing her grocery list to her coupon stack, just to get my hands on this. TODAY!

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