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ASK EM — 5 Ways to Find Your Next Favorite Read

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Today’s Question: I adored the last book I read, and now I have a book hangover. How do I find my next favorite read?


1. Return to that buy page on Amazon, BN, or another vendor website. Look at the recommendations. There’s usually a list of books readers purchased that are similar to the one you just read.


2. Ask a friend:What are you reading? Sure, their taste might vary from yours, but sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to find your next favorite read. After the Twilight books, everyone in the world tried a lot of other YA vampire romance novels that just didn’t measure up. The only way to move on is to actually MOVE ON–outside your comfort zone!


3. Talk to a librarian. Librarians have their fingers on the pulse of the reading world. They see trade magazines and know what’s hot. They also know what people are checking out–again and again. If you don’t have time to speak to your librarian, browse the bookshelves and find that book that looks well-read. Ragged cover? That means a lot of people have loved it.


4. Visit Shelfari or Goodreads. Not only are readers adding books they loved to their bookshelves in these places, you can also interact with people who love reading the same things you do. Browse shelves, join a club. Your next favorite read might be there!


5. Look at webites. Places like Night Owl Reviews, Rockstars of Romance, or even Visibrary are visual candy for people who devour books like junkies use crack.


Now what are you waiting for? Go find your next favorite read!


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