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Excerpt-palooza — Licks and Promises

   EP-DD-Ebook (2)EP-L&P-Smashwords (2)


On May 2-4 The Texas Threesome seris — Double Dippin’ and Licks and Promises —  are $0.99 each! So put them in your wishlist and get them on sale Friday!



Alex was a pro with blow jobs. Just the sight of his hollowed cheeks and the occasional light scrape of his teeth would do anyone in. And Alex knew all the right spots to hit.

He cupped Loren’s balls and slid a finger down them over and over again. With every pass, Loren’s cock stiffened a little more. When he could strain for release no more, he cradled Alex’s head and spurted deep into his throat.

Alex continued to suck him, and as his last jet of come filled his mouth, Alex slowed. The pulls became soft and tender, his eyes even more so.


Double Dippin’

Licks and Promises

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