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Question: Are Facebook fan pages worth the time and energy?


This is a question my friends and I have been asking ourselves repeatedly. I started my fan page late in my FB career. I’ve had a profile since 2010 but my fan page jumped onto the scene in 2014. Why did I wait? Because it felt like a waste of time. I had my friends, and I like to keep it close and intimate.


But a lot of people were having success with fan pages, getting more views than the Bible on a Sunday morning, so I thought why not?


My fan page has 872 likes. By the way, if you’d like to LIKE me, here’s the link.


I also run fan pages for 2 publishers, and in the past few months I’ve seen a lot of decline in views. Facebook is messing with how things work, and we aren’t reaching our audience anymore. Instead, FB wants us to spend money to boost posts. Everyone I’ve talked to has said DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON BOOSTS. It’s like throwing money in the toilet. You want to go with ads.

From what I’ve seen, pictures get the most views on fan pages. Links and status updates are getting 6-20 views, where photos get up to 200. So I’m sneaky–I add a nice picture to the post and guarantee it gets the same attention.


I’m sure there are a lot of people who run their fan pages much better than I do. I’m on FB b/c I love to talk to people. Book sales are a bonus, and I only post book buy links for the first few days of my releases. I don’t want to be white noise or one of those annoying people who bombards the news feed with the same link to 300 groups and at the top of every hour.

In the book promotion world, I think we have to try to stay fresh on FB. Try new things–mix it up. Run an ad for a few bucks a day. Share links from other authors and see your views rise.

Also, shoot for some new goals. Run contests when you reach milestones and always include your fan page  in your signature to bring new followers in. In my opinion, fan pages are not a waste of time. If you get 1 new fan, you’ve done your duty for the week.


What are your experiences with FB? I’d love to hear from you!


Thanks for reading,


3 comments on “ASK EM — Facebook Pages

  1. I do the fan page because Fb required it. Probably to set up an advertising stream. I agree that paying for likes and boosting posts is probably a waste of time. I do boost a post with a free book on it, but only spend five bucks. I agree, connecting with readers is the best and I almost always post with pictures. I’m a photography buff, so I always have a supply of unusual pictures. Still, connecting with people is the best.

  2. Seems like pictures are getting more attention than just a status update. I have noticed it mentioned from just about everyone that has a “fan based” page.

  3. I’m about ready to drop my review FB page. Since FB changed everything I don’t get any views and I’m NOT paying them EVER!!!!! As for my author page, it will stay. 🙂

    I’m sure what needs to be done but FB has screwed up once again. *shakes head*


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