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Excerpt-palooza Pushin’ Buttons

PushinButtons72lg (2)


Hugh withdrew a few inches to peer down at her. He hadn’t removed his hat, so his eyes were shadowed. But she liked the way he looked at her. Absorbed-like.

“What’s funny?”

“Nothing. Just thinking too much.”

He arched a brow, which transformed his whole face. Squint lines changed shape, and the corner of his mouth twitched up along with his brow, exposing that dimple in his jaw.

He positioned her hands on his chest.

Excitement stabbed her. Beneath her palm his heartbeat was strong, unwavering. Curling her fingers, she learned the shape of his pecs. His eyes darkened.

When she began to explore his ridges further, his breathing hitched.

“What’s your favorite color?” he asked, voice strained.

The swaying continued, and between that and his steely muscles under her hands, she could hardly follow the question. It took a full minute for her to respond.


He nodded, as if he’d known. “And what kind of car do you drive?”

“I don’t drive. Where I live, there’s no need. Public transportation works for me.” She splayed her fingers and touched one of his tightened nipples. He swayed forward, rocking his hips into her instead of moving side to side like before.

The thick length of his arousal pressed into her lower belly. With a stuttering sigh, she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, his gaze had intensified times ten. This was going so fast—but they only had seven days together. She tried to extinguish her nervousness and be the woman she’d come here to be.

“Remind me of where you live again.”

She shivered at the scrape of his words over her senses. He was seducing her with mundane questions most guys would learn in five minutes at dinner. But somehow Hugh’s focus on her made the questions important.


“Ah. I detected a little drawl in your voice.”

She tilted her head. “Really? I didn’t grow up in Atlanta. I moved there after college.”

He planted his hands on her waist and swept her in a full circle. The motion was so quick, she would have been dizzy if she hadn’t been completely centered on his handsome face. Surprise made her laugh, a hearty belly laugh that made him laugh too.

Hugh was all country boy, yet he was able to move smoothly, as fluid as a dancer. He spun her again. Behind him sun streamed into the space, turning the walls to butter and his tanned skin to gold. She wet her lower lip. Would he taste salty? Spicy?

Zeroing in on her mouth, Hugh asked, “What kind of soap did you wash this sexy body with today?”

“Wh—?” She shook her head, stumbling on his question. “I flew into Houston and stayed the night. I showered in the hotel early this morning before catching a cab that brought me to the ranch.”

By slow increments he lowered his head. For a breath-stuttering minute she thought he was going to kiss her. But he bypassed her lips and nuzzled her throat. An invisible string between his mouth and her pussy tightened, and she clung to him to keep from falling over.




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