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ASK EM — first or third person

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Dear Em,

Should I write my story in first or third person?


What is first or third person?


FIRST — a narrative device where the narrator is speaking for and about themselves. Using I, me, my, etc.

THIRD — a point of view outside any of the characters using she, he, they, etc


A few things to think about when you are deciding to write in first or third person.

What genre is this? Children’s books, YA and NA books are often written in first person.

Who has the most to lose? If you’re only writing from the heroine’s POV in first person, and the hero has more to lose, your book would be better in third person to showcase both characters.

What do you love to read? I personally don’t love first person. It’s a preference. Therefore, I write in third.


In the end, you have to factor in the above Q&A, but if the story is well-written, readers will love it.


Thanks for reading,



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