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Excerpt-palooza LICKS AND PROMISES

EP-L&P-Smashwords (2)


The moment she reached the truck, a delicious heat scorched her spine. She jerked to turn, but a dark cloth covered her eyes even as a big hand clasped over her mouth. A scream built in her throat.

Then the musky flavor of man met her lips.

A man she’d know the taste of if she were thrown blindfolded into a black pit. Her mouth went dry.

More rough hands caught her wrists and jerked them in front of her. Hemp as prickly as wire bit into her skin as the rope looped around and around her hands, binding them.

When the voice sounded, she forgot all about the frigid wind and only felt balmy breath across her cheek. “Don’t struggle, sweetheart.”

Loren’s lips grazed the corner of her mouth, but she didn’t have time to turn. Another set of lips crashed over hers, almost brutal in their need. Gasping, she opened to the tongue thrust inside.

Alex’s masculine flavor fogged her brain completely, and she couldn’t do more than sag. Loren supported her while Alex kissed her into a puddle of want. Her panties were instantly soaked and her nipples were straining hard without the barrier of a bra under Loren’s T-shirt she’d thrown on that morning.

Small squeaks built in her throat. Alex tore from the kiss, and she tried to follow him. With a groan, he grabbed her. The shock of his hard grasp tilted her world. Alex had never touched her so roughly.

Panic threatened. What if it wasn’t Alex?


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