Welcome Talina Perkins and her Hardworking Marine!

A big hand for Talina Perkins, author of His By Sunrise! I’ve had the pleasure of reading this book, and is it smoking hot! Not to mention filled with emotion that will leave you hanging on every word.


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His by Sunrise500x750 (2)HIS BY SUNRISE
Genre: Erotic Romance


Isabella Marie thinks putting Blake in her rearview mirror will save them both from certain heartache. But when the sudden death of Blake’s father brings the Marine home before she can make her escape, Isabella is forced to acknowledge leaving Blake isn’t something she’s ready to do.

Honor bound by a promise to keep his hands off his best friend’s sister, Captain Blake Mitchell can look but never touch the only woman that lights his world on fire. Blake’s desires burn hotter than ever, but will he be able to throw away his late best friend’s trust to capture Isabella’s heart? If this mission fails, he’ll be stripped of the only woman he can ever love.

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Meet the characters!
Captain Blake Mitchell & Isabella Marie


Not even an hour had passed since his number flashed across her screen, taunting her to pick up. She’d been tempted to let voice mail take it, but something had her finger reaching out to press that little green button. Now she was parked in front of his house in the backwoods of Texas.

It had been a while since she’d been here. With Blake gone she hadn’t needed another reason to stay away from all the shared memories the place held…

No need to rehash the past. She would steel herself, get the job done, and then….Then she’d deal with the fallout when she was alone like she always did.

Isabella clenched her fingers around the wheel, her gaze locked on the front door. Second thoughts plagued her. Did he sense something was up? It wasn’t pure luck that kept him alive out on the battlefield.

Big mistake, Bella. This had to make her the biggest push over this side of the Mississippi. She knew better than to answer his damn call.

She moved her fingers to the keys still hanging in the ignition, ready to gun the Mustang’s motor and put some much-needed distance between her and the sexy not-good-for-her

Marine with a single good-bye text to his cell. Fingers posed, a movement caught her attention from within the house.
Too late.

No mistaking the six-feet-four-inch silhouette of badass Marine as he moved stealthily through the front parlor. Even in the low light, she could make out the line of his strong jaw, thick shoulders, and well-defined arms. A shiver trickled down her spine. The man oozed sex appeal from a mile away.

She knew her limits, and one look into those hazel eyes rimmed with a dreamy set of lashes would spell her doom.

She knotted a lock of hair as she watched the shadow disappear from the window. With a single shared look, any hopes of a fresh start away from here would go up in flames. Those smoldering looks he had a habit of throwing her way, coupled with the low-slung jeans he favored, did things to her. Things that would have her in his bed with one come-hither crook of his finger.

Like a traitor intent on torment, her mind called up the sound of his baritone voice that still carried a hint of his country roots even after years away.

As much as she tried to fight it, that deep pitch washed over her, stroking every feminine part she had. Warmth shot through her, seeking out her most sensitive areas. Desire flooded her mind, her body responded. With every sinful thought, her core quaked with need, causing her nipples to pebble against the soft silk of her bra. The sudden assault on her senses pushed a whimper past her lips.

She clamped her teeth and tightened her grip on the wheel. She had it bad.

Whoa…slow it down, niña.



Coming this spring:
Tequila Sunset
Sexy Siesta, Novella Two,
What Happens In Cabos Stays In Cabos. . .
About Talina:web photopink (2)
Talina writes across multiple genres which include erotic romance, spicy romantic suspense & paranormal romance. Within her worlds you’ll find steamy fast paced plots with unique characters filled with passion and grit. From sheriffs to military men to shape shifters and vampires, there is no hot blooded hero she doesn’t love to write-and read-about.

Visit her website to grab free wallpapers, excerpts, soundtracks and more!
Talina Perkins | Facebook | Twitter | Blog

6 comments on “Welcome Talina Perkins and her Hardworking Marine!

  1. I love a good alpha male hero! Cowboys, military, and firefighters are among my favorites! 🙂

  2. I love the strong willed, strong body alpha

  3. I love a strong, take charge hero, who knows how to treat and respect a lady!

  4. Love this =) Can´t wait for my chance to read! Love the Alpha male!
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Saturday!

  5. Talina, I’m so proud of you. Major congratulations on the book and the series. Another blogger has made the leap. Sorry to be so late. I’ve been busy with life. *kisses*

    owner, of Harlie’s Books

    And the answer, I like an alpha has long as he knows that a woman can take care of herself. No cavemen for me.

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