EXCERPT-PALOOZA — Licks and Promises

EP-L&P-Smashwords (2)


“Would ya look at that?” Loren pointed across Alex toward a group of women on the street. “This place is pure sex.”

“And booze and money,” Alex added. After only two days in Vegas he was ready to see some women in clothes. No, just one woman in clothes. Posy’s sexy skirts, teetering heels and silk blouses made him rock-hard.

“Does anyone have real tits out here?” Loren mused.

“Doesn’t look like it.” Every girl they passed seemed to be wearing less and have more Botox.

Posy was a natural beauty. Even her dark, wavy hair was all her own, not the fake extensions Alex saw out here. She had padded hips and luscious breasts. And her lips were way more kissable than any Alex had seen in Vegas.

All night in his dreams her lips had tormented the hell out of him. When he’d finally roused from sleep, he’d rolled Loren over and fondled him into an erect state too.

Loren nudged Alex’s shoulder. “You look dazed. Didn’t get enough sleep?”

They shared a smile. He and Loren had moved into a 69 position and spent mind-blowing minutes working each other’s cocks. Afterward, they’d talked about Posy until sunup.

“What do you think she’s doing?” Alex asked, avoiding the heavy-lidded stare of a redhead who tried to hand him her card.

Loren didn’t pretend not to know who Alex was talking about. Knuckling up his hat brim, he looked at his watch. “Whoooee, is it only nine? Hell, I’m tired already and we haven’t hit the convention. I’d say Posy is just sitting down at her desk.”

Alex grunted. Hell, yeah. She’d be settling that round little ass in her ergonomic chair and twining her legs together in the modest way that had driven Alex nuts since her first day of work.

When the call tones of Loren’s phone sounded, Alex realized Loren had dialed Posy for a video chat. Loren held his cell out to capture both of them on the screen.

Posy’s beautiful face loomed into view, and Alex’s heart pitched. Shadows lived under each eye, and she looked a little paler than usual.

“Hey, baby,” Loren drawled. “Nice sweater. Cold there, is it?”

The spark in her eyes was a warning. She wasn’t at all amused. “I’m bundled up like an Eskimo’s Texas cousin, and I can’t feel my toes even in leather boots.”



Book 1 Double Dippin’

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8 comments on “EXCERPT-PALOOZA — Licks and Promises

  1. Those boys are going to be in a ton of trouble, leaving Posy alone like that.

  2. i loved book one and now i will start 2 and love it i know

  3. Sounds like they are being punished enough to not have their girl. She’ll punish them more though I bet LOL

  4. I loved the first book and now I have moved number two into the number one spot on my wish list. Those boys should have taken Posy with them. She will make them wish they had…..LOL

  5. Can’t wait!!

  6. Love the sound of this! 🙂

  7. oohhhh im gonna have to get this book!!

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