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HARDWORKING HEROES — Plaid, saws, and danger

Today we’re talking loggers! I have a trilogy of books featuring loggers and have a special love for these hardworking heroes.

In my region, logging is a big industry. It feeds many, many families here and became a way of life for some close family friends. But the lumber industry is without dispute one of the most dangerous on the planet. Chainsaws and heavy equipment post big hazards. Add in weather conditions and rough terrain, and you’ve found yourself a very dangerous occupation!

logger logger 2

One of the biggest hazards of the industry are Widow Makers. These broken or weak tree tops are often hidden by healthy branches. So when the tree falls, the weak part falls, causing injuries or death.

Storms can cause twisting, which puts the tree under pressure. When the logger cuts, they must be very conscious of these twists.

In addition to this, loggers have to be aware of the heavy equipment at all times. Fatality rate among men and women in this industry is 92 out of 100,000 workers.

Products we use wood for:



pulp for paper


power poles

playground equipment

pet fencing



wine barrels


fiber adhesives

pet shavings

Hats off to our hardworking heroes in this dangerous industry!

Rough Boys series

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One comment on “HARDWORKING HEROES — Plaid, saws, and danger

  1. Thanks for sharing, I didn’t realise it was so dangerous!

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