What’s not to love about a man in a kilt?

An Interview with the Prince’s Valet



Isla Munro: Prince Abran, the Crown Prince of Erotania has been visiting Earth in a bid to find and reunite with a maid called Drella who ran away from his home planet Threni.

We tried to get an interview with the prince but unfortunately he was too busy with diplomatic functions. We have, however, managed to secure an interview with Oshan, Prince Abran’s valet and long-term lover.

Welcome Oshan.
Oshan: Thank you for having me.

Blurb Can a prince, a maid, and a valet live happily ever after?

Forced to be a maid to her family, nursemaid to her birth-mother, and slave to her step-mother, the only high point in Drella’s life is a new job at the palace. She will get to meet the handsome Prince Abran. However, Drella is not expecting to be attracted to both the prince and his valet. The equally handsome Oshan invites Drella to enjoy a night of passion with both men…all three of them together. Can Drella put the messy relationship between her own four parents aside and accept the love offered by a prince and his valet?

Prince Abran is heir to the throne of Erotania. He loves his country and he loves his valet, Oshan. But his passionate relationship with the manservant cannot produce his own heir. In a culture where family groups consist of up to four bi-sexual adults and their offspring, it’s not much of a leap to bring a woman into their bed chamber. But what woman will be acceptable to his mother, attracted to both men, and willing to put up with his arrogance?

Oshan loves his master and knows he needs an heir. When Drella starts work in the palace, he can tell that Abran is attracted to the pretty maid. But Drella has her own challenges to face. Can Oshan and the man he loves discover Drella’s demons and help her fight them and can a prince, a valet and a maid defy the impossible and find their very own happily ever after?

Isla: Firstly, Oshan, this is a blog about hardworking heroes. Tell us about the average day of a valet to the Crown Prince of Erotania.

Oshan: Well first of all, I have to get the prince up and dressed. Sometimes that is no mean feat. To be honest, Prince Abran is not really a morning person. I accompany him to breakfast then I prepare his clothing for the day. There are evening functions to prepare for, sometimes some sport in the afternoon.

His boots and kilts must be polished until they shine, then I help him with correspondence and I attend functions with him. I am almost like a personal bodyguard to him. I open doors, carry his over clothes, his bags etc.

I can see by your face that you think it rather a menial set of tasks. The work needs doing. The Prince has a gym and we work out together. The only way to make him work out is to challenge him.

Isla: Oh I wasn’t sneering. It’s just that Em’s readers are used to loggers and cowboys. I…

Oshan: Come at Prince Abran with a weapon and I’ll soon show you exactly how Alpha I can be.

Isla: Oh my! Um, anyway, tell us about Prince Abran. What is he like?

Oshan: His Royal Highness is a delight to work for. He is fair and honest.

Isla: Is it true that you are in a relationship with him?

Oshan: Yes. We have been together a number of years and I love him—very much.

Isla: So where does the maid Drella come into it? Why are you searching for her?

Oshan: Drella started at the palace a few weeks ago. We have grown very close to her. We… well… The thing you have to understand is that unlike on Earth, Threni adults are all bisexual. We live in groups of four adults of whatever gender and we bring up any resulting children between us.

Abran and I want Drella to be part of our spousal unit. We love her. Drella has family issues which have made her a bit reticent to become involved with a couple who already have a relationship. We’re working to bring her round.

Isla: Have you met Drella’s family?

Oshan (looking a little uncomfortable): Um, well so far I have only met Breda her… I guess you would call the woman her stepmother. Drella’s birth mother is ill and when we went to find Drella, we met Breda and Drella’s sister—half sister—Ilienda.

The woan and Drella don’t umm… they don’t get on, and Drella seems to do all the work around the home. Her two fathers seem to spend all of their time in their own room. It’s really not on. I shouldn’t be telling you all this, but it’s just so frustrating.

Isla: Gosh, it’s like a Cinderella story.

Oshan: Cindi…who?

Isla: Oh never mind. So how much do you work out?

Oshan: A lot.

Isla: Can I see your abs or what’s under your lovely leather kilt?

Oshan: Indeed you can’t. Are we done?

Isla (disappointed): I guess.


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4 comments on “What’s not to love about a man in a kilt?

  1. that man looks awesome in a kilt!

  2. Thank you for having me, Em. Glad you liked the view.

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