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Excerpt-palooza — Licks and Promises

EP-L&P-Smashwords (2)

A steamy (unedited) excerpt from Licks and Promises coming in March, ASAP! If you haven’t read Double Dippin’, you might want to pick it up. LICKS AND PROMISES is all about Posy and her 2 sexy cowboys!


When the call tones of Loren’s phone sounded, Alex realized Loren had dialed Posy for a video chat. Loren held his cell out to capture both of them on the screen.

Posy’s beautiful face loomed into view, and Alex’s heart pitched. Shadows lived under each eye, and she looked a little paler than usual.

“Hey, baby,” Loren drawled. “Nice sweater. Cold there, is it?”

The spark in her dark eyes was a warning. She wasn’t at all amused. “I’m bundled up like an Eskimo’s Texas cousin, and I can’t feel my toes even in leather boots.”

“Ohh, you’re wearing those boots. When we get home, I’m going to warm you up real good before taking off all your clothes. But we’ll leave the boots on.”

The boots he referred to Alex had bought her as a birthday gift. The tall black leather boots conformed to her calves like a second skin. He’d also bought her a tassled whip, which they’d made good use of. But as far as he knew, Posy had never worn the boots.

“Damn, we’re missing a peek at those boots. Show them to us, baby,” Alex said.

They continued to walk with the crowd, moving toward the convention. Onscreen, Posy gave a quick shake of her head. “You’re in Vegas. Find another pair of boots to ogle.”

Loren looked at Alex, and understanding flashed between them. She was unhappy about being left behind.

“Sweetheart, you know how much we depend on you to hold down the fort,” Loren said.

She sighed. “I do know. Now you guys get to the convention and sell some saddles.”

“Wait, you can’t just go off without telling us if you missed us last night.” Alex couldn’t help but lean close to the cell phone Loren held. He might be surrounded by sex and lust but his feelings for Posy were private.

Her features softened. Lips tilting at one corner, she nodded. “I did. How could I not when I was freezing to death without 197.2 degrees surrounding me?”

Loren nudged his hat back more. “Aww, baby, we’ll make it up to you.”

A little of her spunk returned, and Alex couldn’t help but smile. “Good. I’ll leave you to think of this.”

The screen shot shifted, the camera moving over her ripe breasts in a red sweater to the fullness of her thighs in a pair of tight black leggings. Fuck, what Alex wouldn’t give for a glimpse of her ass in those leggings.

When the screen displayed her leather boots, the ache in Alex’s balls grew. She turned her foot right and left, letting them see the bulge of her lean calf muscle.

The cell went black as she ended the call.

“Jeezus,” Loren grated out. “Gotta adjust my package after that.” He walked funny for a second before doing just that.

“And those leggings. Remember the time she wore them to the grocery store?”

“Yes, I almost fucked her over the deli counter. But you nearly got into a fistfight with that guy who wouldn’t stop looking at her ass.”

Alex’s shoulder bumped Loren’s as they were automatically drawn together. Before Posy their relationship had been great. But with her, it was brighter than any Vegas lights.

Loren swung his head toward Alex.

“I know that look.” Alex grabbed Loren by the shoulders and pulled him through the throng of people. When he shoved his back against the nearest building, Loren’s eyes widened. As his chest rumbled with a surprised laugh, Alex claimed his mouth.

Thanks for reading!



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