Killing off Characters — spoilers alert! –And a GIVEAWAY!

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Ever watch a show that ends with your favorite character turning to greener pastures in the clouds? Or have you ever read a book where the author has killed off a character you were invested in?

You’re grumbling now, aren’t you? One of the first books I wanted to rip in half because an important character died was Rosamunde Pilcher’s COMING HOME. This book is a sweeping epic of the era before WWII, in the time when people dressed for dinner and used those manners we common people will never dream of.

Spoiler alert: Edward dies. Edward, who took Judith’s virginity. He flew off as a RAF pilot and got himself shot down by Germans.

Let me tell you, it HURT. Judith was devastated, but I was wounded as well. I loved Edward and he and Judith deserved that happily ever after. So why the EFF did the author rip Edward from Judith’s arms?

My oldest daughter told me about a school friend who threw her copy of Mockingjay at the Smart Board because Prim died. That is a powerful reaction from a reader.

If you’re a Downton Abbey watcher, you broke down when Matthew was torn from Mary, and Sibyll was ripped from her new husband, daughter and family. Losing beloved characters sucks but sometimes the character needs it to grow, even if it’s a pet.

Who did you lose–book or TV character–that made you throw a book or remote across the room? Let’s hear from you! One lucky commenter will win the book of your choice from my backlist!

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9 comments on “Killing off Characters — spoilers alert! –And a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Lexie and Marc from Grey’s Anatomy . Oh and also George from GA. Everytime I see that episode I still get
    goose bumbs.

  2. When Ralph de Bricassart died, I wept buckets, while Meggie stood at the grave, resolute (Thorn Birds, book, series)

  3. I think Lexie & Marc from Grey’s Anatomy was a hard one! I was so upset!

  4. I don’t want to give any spoilers of exactly who died but I was torn apart reading Beck by Haper Sloane. I couldn’t believe he was dead. It put me in such an emotional funk that I had to take a few days to process everything before I could even pick up another book.

  5. *SPOILER* I read Mathew Reilly’s series of Jack West Jr books and at the end Wizard died. I’d been with him for three books and then BAM! It was so unexpected and even though so clever and well written, I about burst into tears and put down the book for a good while before continuing 😀

  6. WOW…there’s so many. Needless to say one was when Spock dies in the Wrath of Khan but that was a long time ago. My latest heart breaks came from NCIS…When the Kate character was killed it was like loosing a family member. When the character Mike Franks (NCIS Gibb’s mentor) dies I wanted to stop watching the program. I get attached to the character who return to shows. They are like family, I believe that is the sign of a good show. I usually pick books where this doesn’t happen… what can I say I like the HEA type book I get enough sadness and death in real life. I was an ER nurse, you get all the reality you need or want there!

  7. The last two movies based on books by Nicholas sparks, Message In A Bottle and Nights In Rodanthe. I will never read another book by this author nor watch any movie in association with him. He’s always killing off his characters that one gets so emotionally invested.

  8. Losing Ned Stark from the series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE by George RR Martin was painful, but he needed to die for the story to move forward.


  9. Vincent Nigel Murray from Bones and Coop from Cage by Harper Sloan

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