WTF Friday — bad carrots


This is why it’s a good thing most of us don’t have enough money for plastic surgery!

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9 comments on “WTF Friday — bad carrots

  1. Plastic surgery is aptly named. Because that’s how the people end up looking–plastic.If they overdo it and end up as a horror or have it done well and look beautiful–there’s a sameness to their features. Plastic surgery erases a person’s uniqueness. It’s like the doctors are taught in medical school, “okay, ‘this’ is how you do a nose. and ‘this’ is the shape a chin should be.”

  2. I can’t recall a face I have seen that has been “touched up” that looked normal. Do they look in the mirror and honestly think they look better than they did?

    That being said, I would love to have a tummy tuck-but stay away from my face!

  3. My People magazine this week has a photo of Catherine Zeta-Jones that I was unable to recognize, I had to read the caption to find out who was in the picture! Stop, people, with the surgery!

  4. Holy moly! Dude went from scrawny to ‘roid-y and I had no idea who he was when flipping through the channels. Talk about body issues… I think self-acceptance is tough for most but should be emphasized more. Learn to love yourself instead of making these unnatural changes. If you aren’t happy now, you still won’t be happy after surgery.

  5. i think he looks worse after…sorry. at least before he had “personality” in his face. i always thought if he just did something different with his hair off-stage, he would look better.

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