EDIT ME — Snuck vs. Sneaked

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These words cause a lot of debate in the grammar world. Personally, you will never, ever, ever hear me say SNUCK. I think it sounds like a spitty obscenity. And while I’m all about cussing, I’d prefer to just drop the F word.

However, I don’t correct my children when they use SNUCK. Know why? The word SNUCK had sneaked into the American language. (see what I did there? so proud of myself).

SNEAKED is the correct past tense and past participle of SNEAK.

I sneaked candy into the movie theater in my purse. (shhh, don’t tell. It’s sooo much cheaper!)

She sneaked around the corner and came face-to-abs with the naked cowboy.


But SNUCK isn’t exactly incorrect anymore. It’s acceptable, just as you don’t need a comma after OH.


Are you a fan of sneaked or snuck? Will you join my SNEAKED FAN CLUB if I create one? LOL.


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7 comments on “EDIT ME — Snuck vs. Sneaked

  1. I suppose I should join the club. Will there be refreshments at the meetings?

  2. Maybe I’ll join the club also.

  3. i can join the club…you need to do a post on how many people hear someone use the word “tooken” instead of “taken”…catch my daughter & her friends saying it often.

  4. Snuck makes me cringe as much as the use of “funner” to mean more fun.

  5. LOL. I can’t say “snuck” either!

  6. What are your thoughts on dragged vs drug?

    • Drug is a regional dialect. It should always be DRAGGED unless the speaker is using it in conversation and it works for that region. For instance, a hillbilly like me might use “drug” in conversation, but never on paper. 🙂

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