Yesterday was release day for my dirty-hot cowboy story, Somethin’ Dirty. Read on for a hot excerpt!


SomethinDirty300 (2)

The shower curtain parted, and a wall of muscle crowded her against the wall.

“Started without me, I see.” His gaze burned into hers as he placed his hand over hers—and her mound. “You want me to touch you here?” He nudged her forefinger aside and pressed on her clit.

Nola’s sigh rasped out. “Yes.”

“Then let me.” He sounded as if he’d run a marathon.

She fell against him, forehead pressed to his shoulder. When she nodded, he used two fingers to circle her straining clit. Need revved inside her—the race was on.

Who would win in this frightening game? Her body, yes. But whose heart would cross the finish line first? She’d thought she could give herself lightly, but the feeling of utter relief that he was touching her scared the fuck out of her.

With his free hand he tilted her chin and claimed her mouth. She moaned as his hot tongue lashed the inside of her mouth. He mimicked the motion of his fingers. Up and down, back and forth. Oh God, all around.

She started to peak. Her pussy pulsated.

“Not yet.” He withdrew his fingers and she cried out in frustration. He huffed a laugh.

“Damn, you’re so fun to tease.”

She pressed her thighs together, aching for the release he’d denied her. Annoyance mingled with her want. “I was doing just fine on my own.”

He arched a dark brow. Water trickled over his tanned flesh. “That so? You seemed mighty pleased when I joined you.”

Yeah, she was. She met his stare and slumped against the wall, her pussy contracting. A few flicks of his finger and she’d come.


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