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Excerpt-palooza — Double Dippin’

EP-DD-Ebook (2)

You’ve heard of Valentine’s Day! What about Steak and Blow Job Day?



Alex bent to one breast while Loren took the other. As Loren closed his lips around the tight bud, his mind erased of everything but the feel of this woman. He circled the tip with his tongue then bit into it gently. She cried out, and he blew a puff of air over the wetness until her nipple strained.

Alex nudged his jaw with a finger, and when he lifted his head, Alex kissed him.

The carnal brushing of lips sent Loren reeling.

“Oh my God. It’s a wet dream.” Posy cupped their faces as Loren poked his tongue into Alex’s mouth.

Alex rumbled a laugh and chased Loren’s tongue. When they pulled apart, Posy was panting. “She needs us.”

“Uh huh.” Loren locked his mouth over her nipple again, drawing on it with short pulls while flicking his tongue over her skin. Small gasps burst from her. When Alex began to kiss a path down to her navel, he felt her hold her breath.

Loren released her nipple and claimed her mouth. She opened to his invasion, as sweet and pliant as he’d imagined her.

“Lift your hips,” Alex ordered.

Posy shifted, and Loren’s cock jerked at the rustle of clothing being removed.

“Holy…fuck, Loren, look at this.”

He gazed down her body at the tiny panties barely covering her mound. “Hell. Is she shaved?”

She made a noise and shook her head, but Alex had pulled the lace down enough to reveal a tiny landing strip pointing straight toward the honey Loren craved.

“Switch me places,” he said.

“Nope. I’ve known her longer. I get the first taste.” Alex eased her panties down her hips and off her feet, which were now bare. Somewhere along the way she’d lost those sexy-as-hell high heels.



Thanks for reading!


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