ASK EM — Corruption of Minors

This question comes from a new friend:


Do your children have any idea of the subject matter of your books, and if they do, do you go out of your way to make sure they don’t read it?


Below is a photo of my office wall displaying a portion of my book covers. If you look closely, you’ll notice there are a lot of figures in lustful poses and there are a lot of birthday suits. *grin* This is what my kids see when they walk into my office.


Sometimes they ask why all the people on my covers are naked. I tell them I write sexy books about people who are in love.



Now for the second part of my answer… Do I go out of my way to keep my kids from reading my books?


Sort of. They know when I’m writing to stay out. If they come in, though, I always have a thing called CTRL + N, which flips up a nice blank, kid-friendly screen.


With that said, any of my kids could walk in and pick up one of my paperbacks on my bookshelf. But they don’t because at this point, they’re too squicked out by “man chests”. If they ask about my books, I tell as much as they need and no more. If more questions are forthcoming, I answer in simple ways.


I think that by being open with my book content the kiddos aren’t driven to find out more. It’s not a secret, not hidden or forbidden. Just as sex should NEVER be forbidden, hidden or secretive in real life. It’s part of a natural, healthy world.


Great question!

Thanks for reading,


12 comments on “ASK EM — Corruption of Minors

  1. great advice. ive seen many authors get asked this question. ive even seen many say that their kids have no desire to find out what is in their books just because mom wrote it and their reaction is simply “gross”/ “not interested” lol i think being honest is a great way of handling it. i love your wall by the way!

    • Thank you for commenting! I’m glad I might be (finally) doing the right thing in the parenting corner LOL. There aren’t handbooks let alone ones about when to tell your kids about your erotic romance career. LMAO!

  2. Great post, Em. My daughter (eight) does want to read my books. I tell her she will have to wait. She understands there’s adult content in there and understands sex. I suspect she won’t want to read them when the time comes but I won’t have any objections because all my stories are about love, respect and consensual sex. I’m grateful to the books I read in my teens for teaching me the same concept.

  3. My kids know I write adult books. They’re older, 15 and 18. They know sex exists, and I’ve tried to teach them that as long as the people involved have consented (and are old enough to legally do so), sex is a good thing. When they were younger, I told them they would have to wait until they were 18 to read my books. The younger one refuses to even read my YA stuff, because “Mom wrote it”, and isn’t even remotely interested in the adult romances. The older one has read a couple of my M/M romances since she turned 18 and admitted she was a little uncomfortable realizing that her mother writes that kind of stuff.

    I’ve always been honest with them about what I write, though, and I used to have a wall like yours. (I have too many covers now…I’ve printed out collages of thumbnail-sized cover images and have framed those to make the walls look a bit neater.) I’m not ashamed of what I write, and I want my kids to understand that love, romance, and sex are nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

  4. I think this is definitely something that all us Romance and Erotica writers go through. My kids (12 & 9) know that I write books for Adults only but they don’t seem to mind that. They are always eager to know how my current WIP is going. My daughter, an avid reader, is a little upset that I’m writing something she cant read or show off to her friends lol but she had told me as soon as she gets old enough she WILL be reading it. I told her, thats fine but I don’t want to know when she does lol I found I feel that way about everyone I know. I want people to read my books but if they are a part of my family I don’t want to know that they’ve read it lol weird i know, and I’m sure I’ll get over it with time.

  5. “Squicked out” — love it! When I first told my son what I write (he was almost 16 at the time), he was more interested in the paranormal aspect than the adult aspect. “Do you write about ghosts?” He was very disappointed to find out that I didn’t. (He doesn’t know this yet, but my first book to come out after he turns 18 in July is going to feature as close as I get to a ghost….)

  6. My kiddos don’t really know what I write, they just know that I DO write. I don’t hide any sort of book covers from them, and in fact, all the magnets I have gotten from Ellora’s Cave Romanticons are plastered on the front of my fridge. They hold up their chore list for the week! LOL I have spoken to my oldest (9) about sex (Generalities) but that’s as far as it’s gotten. If they want to read them once I am truly published and are older I won’t have a problem, but I really don’t want to know that they have read them LOL

  7. Great topic Em! My own kids age 10-17 know what I write and I think they even know it’s kinky. They’re proud of me but their boundaries make it clear they won’t be reading it. I know it would make them uncomfortable. The upside is that the older two feel like they can discuss any sexual matter with me, which I appreciate.

    It’s my teenage stepsons that worry me. One in particular. Let’s just say that if he found out what I wrote – he would definitely read it. (He has some issues and very poor boundaries is part of that) That creeps ME OUT so badly that when I realized this I stopped writing for three months. Finally I came to terms with the fact that even though I write under a pen name and he doesn’t know it so far (crossing fingers), one day it might come out and I’ll just have to deal with it. But he’s the kind that would read it and then bring up the specifics of the book over Thanksgiving dinner. Lord help me!

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