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EXCERPT-PALOOZA — Double Dippin’

EP-DD-Ebook (2)

As soon as Posy touched him, Alex’s anger vanished. He couldn’t remember them touching since childhood. She splayed her fingers as if enjoying the feel of him beneath her hand. And damn if he wasn’t getting hard.

She stood so close he could bury his nose in the fragrant crook of her neck if he leaned forward. It was impossible not to notice how her blue top and black skirt fit every curve as if they’d been made for her. And she was wearing the shoes he loved—black strappy high heels. Every time she wore them he fantasized about seeing her in nothing but those shoes.

The ache in his balls grew.

Loren made a low sound in his throat, drawing Alex’s attention again. Every ounce of possessiveness he had for Posy rushed up. These little discussions he and Posy had been having since her breakup had drawn them closer.

Alex didn’t like it.

Yet maybe she’d needed to confide, and Alex wasn’t equipped to handle a teary female.

He stared at her slender fingers resting on Loren’s chest. Was it his imagination or had she just stroked him?

Alex pushed against her hand, and she swung her gaze to his. He bit off a growl, fighting the need to claim her—to capture her rosebud lips, to nip and taste until she melted under him. Then he’d plunge his tongue deep and take what he wanted.

She curled her fingers against his chest. “Should I make you guys talk this out?”

“No,” they said at once.

What was there to say? Alex didn’t want Loren getting too close to her. Alex’s gut instinct was to scoop her up and plunk her onto her desk, then banish all thoughts of anyone but him.

But on the flip side, he wanted Loren too.



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