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Excerpt-palooza from Ta-ra-ta-ra! DOUBLE DIPPIN’

EP-DD-Ebook (2)

COMING JAN 21 — FREE through Jan 23!

Loren hauled a deep breath of the familiar scents of leather and chemical into his head, but it didn’t wipe out the honey-sweetness of Posy.

Too bad Alex had all but challenged him to a fist-fight over her. Loren knew that wild look in his lover’s eyes.

Loren stomped around the work island and picked up a tool. It molded to his hand, but all he could think about was touching Posy.

Everything about the woman was feminine. A real girly-girl, which was the opposite of the sporty women he’d always preferred. Sure, in high school he’d noticed how gorgeous her hair and eyes were. Half the school had. But recently she’d started tormenting the hell out of him with those skirts, heels and low-cut blouses.

She’d caught him looking more times than he could count, and if he wasn’t wrong she was looking back.

Alex’s boot heels thudded as he entered the workroom. Loren didn’t look up, just dug the tool into the leather and carved out a sliver.

Alex stopped on the other side of the station. “What the hell was that?”

“What?” Loren set his features into a neutral order. He didn’t know whether to punch Alex or kiss him. If they both wanted Posy, the lines of this triangle would be skewed into many shapes.

Alex slowly circled the workstation, crowding close to Loren. His heart rate spiked.

For months they’d been sleeping together. Now Loren couldn’t imagine not waking up to Alex’s handsome face on the pillow beside him. Trouble was, they shared everything except words. They didn’t discuss anything but the business.

That meant emotions—and Posy.

“If you want her,” Loren jerked his chin toward the front of the warehouse where Posy sat, “go get her.”

Alex hooked a hand around Loren’s nape and held him so they stared into each other’s eyes. “Seems as if you’re the one who’s wanting.”

Yeah, he’d daydreamed about bending Posy over that desk almost hourly since she’d started the job, but taking any action seemed wrong. “First of all, she’s our employee.”

Alex’s lips were hard—and too close. “And second?”

Loren palmed the front of Alex’s jeans. His bulge swelled, the thick ridge of his cock fitting his hand as well as the tool he used daily. “There’s this.”

Rocking his cock into Loren’s hand, Alex’s eyes glittered. “This is us.”

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