EDIT ME — Hyphens Part 2

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Last week we talked about prefixes that don’t require hyphenating such as inpatient and disorder. Find that here.

This week we’re discussing when to use a hyphen to connect words that express one idea.

Examples: mother-in-law, first-class, happy-go-lucky

So how do you know what to hyphenate?

If the adjectives act separately, you will not hyphenate. Example:

big purple dinosaur … (yes, I have children and have the same hatred toward big purple dinosaurs we all do)

Can the dinosaur be big? Yes. Can it be purple? Unfortunately yes.

Here’s another example:

It’s a one-day seminar.

Can the seminar be one? Sounds odd, right? Can it be a day seminar? Even weirder.

Moral of the story: If you read each adjective with the noun and it sounds off, hyphenate.

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6 comments on “EDIT ME — Hyphens Part 2

  1. I think I’ve gotten them right finally

  2. i love all your edit me blog entries…concise and easy to understand!

  3. Good tip. Hyphens bedevil me.

  4. You kept this simple AND explained this in such a way that the information is easy to retain – BZ!

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