ASK EM — Overspending on Books

But Emmmmm…there are so many good books and I can’t afford them all!



We all have the one-click disease. We see 10 awesome books that just released and we send them directly to our Kindles. Then we are off budget and can’t fill our gas tanks. I have driven around with 1/4 tank of gas way too many times. Here’s how I got control of my one-click-itis:


1. Set a budget. This is obvious, but we don’t always do it. We are going to buy books, just like we are going to buy shampoo–because we need it! You add shampoo to your budget. Why not books?

2. Create an Amazon Wish List. I have a friend who is on a strict budget and she uses this as a way to remember all those great books she wanted but couldn’t afford at that moment. Later she can shop from the books she’s already selected.

3. Enter contests. We authors want to give you books and gift cards and so much more! If only 2 people comment on a blog post to win my book, I feel unloved. Don’t let me feel unloved, friends. Enter to win. Sometimes you only need to comment. That can be one word: Thanks!

The more contests you enter, the more chances you have to win. I know people who have won Kindle Fires and $100 Amazon gift cards. This contest entry shit is real, folks.


How do you keep from overspending on the books you crave? Share your solutions!

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13 comments on “ASK EM — Overspending on Books

  1. BLOG HOPS to WIN books!! Not to advertise my blog, but to advertise almost 100 blogs, there IS one going on NOW and I have it posted on my blog now! It’s going on NOW to Dec 10th! It’s called the “Clear Your Shelves Giveaway Hop”! I have all 100 blogs posted on my blog, and you HOP from blog to blog entering to WIN BOOKS!! My addy is http://www.lauriehere.com I’m #3 on the list and it’s sponsored by http://www.iamareader.com and http://www.maryinhb.blogspot.com
    Hope that helps you WIN BOOKS!!!

  2. I have a quart sized canning jar that I put loose change in. Hubby contributes and when it’s full, I take it to Coinstar and cash it in for an Amazon gc. There isn’t a fee for doing that and I usually end up with about $50-75.

  3. I enter contests and giveaways all the time. I’ve never figured out the percentage but I’ve done well the past 3 years.

    For print books., I also use paperbackswap.com. You list print books you no longer want and sooner or later someone requests it. You mail it out, an when the requestor receives it, you earn a credit which you can then spend on any used book that is listed.

    I also use the library, mostly for print but occasionally for digital. No, I don’t get to keep them but at least I get to read them. I’ve found so many authors via the library and some I’ve gone on to purchase their books.

    You can also get ARCs from authors sometimes in exchange for posting a review online.

    If you have an ereader, stalk online vendors for books that get discounted to free. I get many kindle freebies. Even if a book is not marked down to free, it may get discounted. Watch and wait for it to go down to a price that fits your budget.

    There are ways. 🙂

  4. First of all, you’re welcome. Clearly I was your inspiration for this post. LOL!! I use the heck out of my Amazon wish list and then when I do get a GC or a few dollars that I can spend on books, I just go to my wish list and shop! Also, you can fix your wish list so that others can view it, if you want. I have some friends who will randomly surprise me by gifting something off of my wish list, and I return the favor when I’m able to.


  5. I try to enter as many contests as possible…and i have a set amount that i can spend on books…

  6. I’m on so many mailing lists and follow so many blogs that I am always entering contests! Also, I do set a monthly book budget. Lately, there have been so many great holiday sales that I haven’t even come close to the budget. Also, another great way to get a bunch of books and save money is to purchase an ebook book bundle/box set. They seem to be gaining popularity and it’s a way to read books from a variety of authors for a low price.

  7. I need to something drastic is all I know. I just looked up my Amazon purchases for the past 2 years and the number is truly horrifying. I could have taken my family on a really really REALLY nice vacation for what I’ve spent on books. I had already planned on some changes and this cements it. Right now I’m living off an Xmas gift card balance that I hope will last me through this month. Then I’m turning in credit card points for another $100 g.c. after that I won’t purchase unless I sell something from my house to buy another g.c. I’m locking myself into only what I have available as a gift card balance.

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