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Hardworking Hero — Salute to the Modern Cowboy

In 2014 Thursdays will be dedicated to a segment about hardworking heroes. After all, this is the focus of my blog and what I write. Firemen, soldiers, loggers, miners, cops, cowboys and so much more. I hope you’ll stop back and visit with these hardworking men (and women too!) who make up the fabric of our world.

In the Old West, cowboys worked from dawn to dusk and sometimes beyond. Modern-day cowboys aren’t any different. Except our perceptions are skewed by Hollywood.

In the movies we don’t see triple-digit temperatures in the afternoons–we just see them riding with a single drop of perspiration zigzagging down their manly necks to some amazing theme music. On screen we don’t see the cowboy riding through subzero temps to reach the herd of cattle that will surely freeze if he doesn’t drive them to safer ground.

Cowboys will find better food for their herd while ignoring their own hunger pains. After all, they’re feeding America too. When the cattle industry amounts to 71-billion dollars in revenue, someone has to step up to the plate.

So despite cracked ribs from taking a fall from a spooked horse, the cowboy is out searching for that lost calf. (Can I get an AWWWW?)

Modern technology has given us an easier way to transport cattle. Yeah, we have better medications to treat a sick animal. But the essence of a cowboy’s job is the same. And he’s still driven by the same passion from days of old.

Now … the modern cowboy!

A muscular man in a cowboy hat

In my books, I try to show how hardworking these cowboys are. I give them injuries and hardships. They cry over their dead horses and sick calves. Of course there is plenty of man-chest and you might even see that Hollywood-like sweat zigzagging down a manly neck. Because I’m a modern girl, folks. And you like it, right?


Thanks for reading!


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