ASK EM — professional book tour companies

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A lot of authors ask this question…

Should I hire someone to help me promote?

In the publishing biz, there are tour companies where you pay a fee and they do the heavy lifting for you. Instead of you running around cyberspace, emailing every author friend you know with a blog and begging guest spots off big blogs that likely are overwhelmed with requests already, the tour company does it for you.


1. Networking — Often the tour companies can get you some very good venues. This means your outreach is sometimes bigger.

2. Time — the tour company does the legwork. This saves you time. Having more time means you can write. Or drink too much alcohol.



1. costly — some tour companies work cheap. You can get a tour under $40. The number of days may vary, and the number of stops may be limited, but the service could still fit your needs

2. lack of network — If you’re taking the time to make your own connections with reviewers and bloggers, that means these people are on your side forever (or until you piss them off). Then next time you need a book tour, you have a spreadsheet full of contacts


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3 comments on “ASK EM — professional book tour companies

  1. I did the book review thing for years and reviewed for many of the PR companies. Here’s a little nugget of advice, for what it’s worth. If you shop around with the tour companies, find out if they take the time to match your book with bloggers who prefer that genre. Some go that extra mile, but others do not. What I have seen happen is that they will give a horror novel to a bunch of romance bloggers and the book gets some bad reviews because the bloggers didn’t personally like it. Many of those bloggers are just in it for the free books and they don’t take their reviews seriously. It’s one of the big pet peeves I had when I was reviewing. Some of the companies will make sure that their bloggers don’t trash a book on the tour, but others give them free rein.

    • I TOTALLY agree here. I just had a friend get a bad review from a reviewer who obviously doesn’t know the genre she writes in. Otherwise she’d realize women didn’t have rights at that time period, and the way the author handled it was spot on.

      Thanks for your input, Michelle!

  2. I’m working with a book promotion company for my first blog tour for the time factor alone. Once I see how this goes, I’ll reassess as to whether I think I could organize one on my own. Great post!

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