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Monday Rant — Holiday Giving


We all worry about what gifts our loved ones would like the most. We also agonize over which food dish to bring to a party, because no one wants to go home with a big bowl of green stuff with shredded carrots.

Giving also extends to time. Caroling at a hospice, donating hours to an animal shelter. It means taking time to turn off your cell phone and watch your child’s Christmas pageant. All the moments leading up to the holidays are the ones I remember most–making gingerbread houses with pre-school kids or listening to a friend’s singing performance.

What better season to start showing love to homeless? Who cares if they use it on a tipple of bourbon? It’s their business. What matters is I’ve helped in some small way. What happens to the cash I put in a homeless man’s palm has nothing to do with me.

To me, giving has another level. It means always giving kindness. Being nice to a frazzled store clerk and offering a smile might mean the difference between her horrible day and a bearable day. Refrain from snapping at a drive-thru cashier. And don’t give that guy who stole your parking spot the finger. He’s been sharking the parking lot for twenty minutes.

That’s my public service announcement for the holidays, folks. What do you like to give?

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