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Excerpt-palooza ROGUE OF THE SEA

Book 3 of the Pirate Lust Series is here! Read on for a smoldering excerpt. You didn’t really think I’d give you anything but hot, did you?


She met his gaze, and very slowly he snaked his tongue around her nipple. A moan escaped her. She flexed her hands around his neck, and steeling her resolve, she pushed his coat off his shoulders. He braced himself on one arm then the other so she could slide the cloth off.

A pristine white tunic only exaggerated the breadth of his shoulders. But the cloth was too loose and did not reveal enough of the shape of the man beneath.

With a boldness she only knew when pilfering enemy ships for gems, Dahlia pinched the tunic between his shoulder blades and pulled it over his head.

His warm brown hair fell in waves against his neck and he came up grinning, that dastardly bracket around his mouth making an appearance again.

She barely had time to glimpse the dips and swells of his chest and torso before he moved upward and covered her.

“Beautiful woman, you will tell me what you want from me.”

Confusion and panic set in. What was he asking?

He nipped her earlobe, and gooseflesh broke out all over her. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

Surprise trapped her breath. “I cannot.”

His steel gray gaze bore into hers. “Oh, aye. You will.” With that, he rolled off her and stretched out on the mattress with his arms folded under his head.

Her frustrated body screamed to feel his warmth and weight again, but she could not ask for it back.

Could she?

Her chest dipped violently with her labored breathing. Cooler air kissed her bared breasts, teasing them. A bead of cream wet her inner thighs, and she resisted the urge to snap her legs together.

For a long minute, she stared up at the rosette of emerald fabric above the bed. She felt different here.

Could she do as Will commanded? When it came to jewels, she took what she wanted and did not think of the consequences.

Could she do that with Will Faire?

She pivoted her head on the pillow and found him looking at her. Her nipples tightened more.

Will’s lazy gaze flicked down and over her breasts. “I await your orders, my dear.”



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