Incorrect Phrases

I saw this recently:

It’s coming next–where you lead off.

First of all, if someone is leading, it’s LED off. But I think she means LEFT OFF.

For all intensive purposes.

Should be intents and purposes.

It’s a doggy dog world.

Ahem. Do you mean dog eat dog world?

Irregardless of the real issue, you are an asshat.

Irregardless isn’t a word. Regardless is.

The library is your friend, people.

Thanks for reading!


5 comments on “Incorrect Phrases

  1. OMG these drive me crazy! I have actually seen some of these in books that I have read. It stops me dead in my tracks!

  2. I’ve seen these a few times myself. I just shake my head.
    Em, I need your sharp eye and editing skills when I write. 😉

  3. Em, can I hug you? You hit two of my biggest peeves: “intensive purposes” and “irregardless.” Thanks for sharing the pain! 😀

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