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ASK EM–How Do I Start?

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Here’s a question I recently was asked:

I have a great book idea. How do I start?


My answer to this question on beginning a book involves 3 little letters — W-H-Y

No, I don’t mean WHY do you want to write a book or WHY the world would want to read yours. WHY is how you start.


My hero is an alien/zombie who tries to save the world from his own race when their habitat on Planet Arethos.

Now write down some WHYs.

1. Why is the habitat on Planet Arethos jeopardized?

2. Why is the hero taking it upon himself to save the world?

3. Why is the hero going against his own race? What have they done to him?


See how just a few questions start the ball rolling and you suddenly have more plot bunnies?

Your turn. Ask WHY and see if you can find the answer.

Thanks for reading!




One comment on “ASK EM–How Do I Start?

  1. I usually fall back on my newspaper experience-What, where, when, why and how.

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