Caution: tween daughter drama


If you have a tween, you know what I’m talking about here. If not, here’s a definition:

TWEEN – child between human and wild animal. (see Chupacabra) Volatile, emotional, hormonal. Hates all family members for even walking the earth. Doesn’t know whether to play with toys or partake of two-hour-long grooming rituals.

My name is Em, and I have a tween daughter. Make that 2 tween daughters. So right now, I have one foot in the fiery hells of the teen years even while the other foot is shoved in a Tooth Fairy costume.

Here are a few things I heard on our trip home from Walmart today:

Tween: “Mom, why are you holding your chicken out the window?”

Em: “Because it’s too hot to eat. What? It’s a perfectly legitimate cooling method.”


Tween: “Why can’t I have a normal mother? One who doesn’t carry a purse with a big man-chest on it?” (Please see Hardworking Heroes logo at top of this page, which is also on my tote bag)

Em: *strokes man ripples* “Isn’t he pretty? So pretty.”


Tween: “Really? Slow it Down by the Lumineers is #1 in my Most Played list on my iPod? I will never, ever listen to your crappy music, Mom!”

Em: “You know every word, don’t you? That’s what I thought.”

On the other hand, we have moments of totally bonding like on the Teacups in Disneyworld, when she Facetimes me from her bedroom, or when we belt out Independence by The Band Perry, harmonizing our voices perfectly.

Do you have a Tween, Teen, or Other Kind? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!



5 comments on “Caution: tween daughter drama

  1. Dear Lord yes! One turns 15 Monday the other is 11. The drama here on any given day is over the TOP! Between crying meltdowns to giggling over boys I am fast losing my mind. Not to mention the grey hair.

    Stacy Wilson

  2. Ah, tween daughters. Mine will be twelve in February, and she’s inherited her father’s and mine smart mouth. We’ve begun eye rolling and snapping at the younger sibling, but haven’t gotten to the I-Hate-You-All stage yet. Worry not, Em. Only five or ten years of this to endure and then you’ll have a BFF.

  3. I don’t have children, but I’ve been around one of my nieces for these drama moments and oh boy did I just want to shake her! I didn’t realize such sweet little girls turn into such crazed drama queens! lol

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