Excerpt-palooza ZERO TO LOVE


He started stripping off his weapons. In the small hip pocket of his leather pants he carried throwing stars. A knife worn along his thigh. And a small dagger in his boot. Fights among Mindchangers happened too often not to come armed, and he didn’t like to use his mind to harm unless necessary.

Like tonight.

This thought brought him full circle to Magda. She hadn’t been affected by the boom. The only way that could happen was if she had a Mindchanger in her parentage, and even then it was a slim chance. After all, Keefe, one of the strongest of Mindchangers, had been knocked on his ass.

Monroe had seen Magda’s father through the study window, and he definitely wasn’t a Mindchanger. He was the worst sort of threat to the Mindchangers race. Hate had oozed from him.

After walking to the window facing east, Monroe stood at the glass and sent his feelers out after Magda. She should be safely tucked in her house where a contraption stood in her bedroom corner, keeping her safe from him.

A thought catcher.

Did she even realize its purpose? To her, it might look like a simple lamp. But its numbers were more complex than he could process. When he’d sent his mind in after her and encountered that thought catcher, his circuits had been boggled by the enormously long chains of numbers spouting from it.

But he couldn’t hear Magda at all now that the light was switched on, which meant she was shielded.

Who had put a thought catcher there? Her father? Brother? And why?


Star-crossed lovers Magda and Monroe must overcome racial differences and fight off the evil Free Wills to save the city and their romance.


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